At MMH Armaments, the number one focus is the safety of women. With the everyday threats that face women in the modern world, founder Mary Margaret Higdon knew something had to be done to help protect women. Because safety concerns can take many different forms– alone in public, or in more intimate settings, staying safe should be as easy as getting dressed. 

It is paramount for Mary Margaret that each design is not only effective and beautiful, but not easily taken by an attacker and used against the wearer. Safety tools are fantastic to have, but there is always the possibility of being disarmed and having your tools turned against you. 

Personal safety devices are an excellent thing to have, but when seconds matter, searching a bag for a safety device can have devastating effects. With wearable self-defense pieces, you are ready at a moments notice.

Each MMH Armaments piece is functional. They can be used for self-defense quickly, and feature a thoughtfully crafted, discrete micro-well hidden in the design to aid in the collection of DNA material and/ or fibers from an attacker. 

Every item is meticulously designed and crafted, undergoing thorough edits for precise detail. Considerations include functionality, finger placement, potential self-defense scenarios, daily life integration, and ensuring comfort and elegance for any occasion.