MMH Armaments is redefining self-defense jewelry for the modern luxury aesthetic.

A jewelry brand for those who want to prioritize their personal safety without compromising style, MMH Armaments blends elegant design with functional and effective safety mechanisms. 

Born in Austin, TX, out of personal necessity, MMH Armaments is the vision of founder Mary Margaret Higdon, who saw a need for personal safety pieces that were easy to wear and use– but not easily used against the wearer in an altercation– while blending seamlessly into a modern lifestyle and wardrobe.

As a survivor of domestic abuse as a young woman, it is deeply personal to Mary Margaret to create pieces that are discrete and functional enough to wear around the house. With a curated edit of bold statement pieces to choose from in an array of fine metal finishes, MMH Armaments can be worn all day, from work to working out to going out and never looks out of place. ​

With MMH Armaments, the jewelry that completes your daily look can be your daily peace of mind.